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... 25 defined by the FAA as "any activity which involves, makes possible, or is required for the operation of aircraft, or which contributes to or is required for the safety of such operations."219 Certain use of property for community services, such as parks, recreational facilities, or bike and jogging paths are acceptable. However, the purchase or operation of road maintenance equipment and services or police and fire services not directly in support of the airport are deemed impermissible.220 Certain uses of property for nonprofit aviation organizations at reduced rental rates, such as aviation museums, educational programs, or Civil Air Patrol operations, are acceptable.
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... 26 tion.229 The U.S. DOT Secretary mediated a standstill agreement.
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... 27 was that of independent port authorities, not subjected to rule by mayors and city councils.239 In the mid-1990s, the IG asserted the existence of revenue diversion or failure to obtain fair rental value for airport property, or both, in 38 cases. In its audit of Los Angeles, the IG determined the donation of airport funds to nonprofit and community groups to constitute revenue diversion.

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