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... 18 lists would be used for commercial or fund-raising purposes; iv. disclosure of information of a personal nature when disclosure would result in economic or personal hardship to the subject party and such information is not relevant to the work of the agency requesting or maintaining it; or v.
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... 19 were in use. The system is seamlessly interoperable across the Chicago Transit Authority's (CTA)
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... 20 Of those transit providers indicating that they were currently using Smart Cards, the following benefits were identified: (1) customer convenience enhanced, (2)
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... 21 ranted invasion of privacy."171 WMATA issues SmartTrip® Cards. Identifiable personal information obtained for such cards is exempt from release unless the request is made pursuant to a court order, by a law enforcement official, or by the registered user of the card.172 Financial and transactional information of WMATA customers is also exempt, but is also subject to these same three exception as cards.173 The WMATA Privacy Policy: (1)
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... 22 federal ITS program. Third, a variety of existing privacy laws will constrain how ITS can be operated.183 The threshold question is what personal information is really necessary to obtain and maintain.

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