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... 3 PRIVACY ISSUES WITH THE USE OF SMART CARDS By Paul Stephen Dempsey Tomlinson Professor of Law, McGill University I
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... 4 used to identify and arrest criminals at large, reduce drug trafficking, and even collar "dead beat dads." Yet, again, the more effective the security screening mechanisms, the higher the price paid in terms of civil liberty. Discrimination against people of Arabic descent, of the Muslim faithful, or of people with darker skin is a real risk for a nation that aspires to ethnic neutrality on such issues.
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... 5 In the transportation context, Smart Cards are one of several emerging technologies collectively known as Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
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... 6 cess to government services. Smart cards carry computer chips that can: • Act as keys to buildings; • Store money electronically and eliminate the need for cash transactions; • Store personal identification or biometric data, such as photographs, eye patterns, or fingerprints; • Enable collection of time, location, and frequency data of card use; and • Store personal information, such as medical records, DNA, religion, age, and address, or personal identification numbers.19 2.
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... 7 fully.24 The most effective means of screening passengers pose the most significant threats to individual privacy and civil liberties.25 Biometric technology holds promise, as does passenger profiling, though civil liberties may be compromised. Advanced technology offers promise both in reducing the size of the haystack through which security personnel must sift to find the needles and in creating a "trusted traveler" method to expedite travel for those who do not impose a security risk.26 Vast amounts of computer information exist with which to monitor an individual's travel, Internet, and purchasing behavior.
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... 8 Specifically, the principal concerns with Smart Cards include: 1. What Type of Information Is Gathered?

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