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A Fact-Finding for the Committee on Regional Health Data Networks
Pages 225-231

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... Appendixes
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... Fanning, LL.B., OHPE/OASH/Department of Health and Human Services Marilyn J Field, Ph.D., Senior Program Officer, Institute of Medicine Jane Fullarton, Senior Program Officer, Institute of Medicine William Goss, Health Care Management Program, General Electric Edward J
From page 228...
... Sharpe, Program Officer, The John A Hartford Foundation Nicole Simmons, Office of Legislation and Policy, Health Care Financing Administration Joan Turek-Brezina, Ph.D., Director of Technical and Computer Support, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, Department of Health and Human Services Institute of Medicine Staff Enriqueta Bond, Ph.D., Executive Officer Jane Durch, Staff Officer
From page 229...
... Methodist Health Systems Regional Medical Center (County Medical Center) Sharpe Manufacturing Company, Personnel Department Cleveland, Ohio: August 2-4, 1992 Academy of Medicine Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Cleveland Board of County Commissioners Centerior Energy The Cleveland Clinic Foundation Cleveland Health Quality Choice Council on Small Enterprises Greater Cleveland Hospital Association Health Action Council Lubrizol Corporation University Hospitals of Cleveland Des Moines, Iowa: August 26-28, 1992 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Iowa Health Policy Corporation of Iowa Iowa Bankers Insurance Service Iowa Hospital Association Iowa Medical Society Iowa Methodist Medical Center Iowa State Education Association
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... OH) Rochester Consumer Representatives Integrated Mental Health Services Physicians Network Rochester Health Information Group Basic Findings of Site Visits During the site visits, IOM committee members and staff were able to learn in some detail about current and planned initiatives under the auspices of numerous groups as well as about a great variety of issues, concerns, and suggestions from these groups and a broad cross-section of people in urban and rural areas.
From page 231...
... ? The visiting committee members, in turn, tried to learn as much as possible about ways in practice or in theory groups in these various areas meant to realize the benefits of such databases, to minimize or prevent the exacerbation of current risks to the confidentiality of patient-level data, to improve database security, and to promote appropriate data collection, valid analyses, and useful dissemination of data.

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