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From page 244...
... Acronyms ADA Americans with Disabilities Act AHCPR Agency for Health Care Policy and Research AHIMA American Health Information Management Association AIDS Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome AMA American Medical Association ANSI American National Standards Institute ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials ATM Automated teller machine BC13SA Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association CABG Coronary artery bypass graft CHMIS Community Health Management Information System CPR Computer-based patient record DRG Diagnosis-related group DVA Department of Veterans Affairs EDS Electronic Data Systems EFT Electronic funds transfer ERISA Employment Retirement Insurance Security Act ESRD End-stage renal disease 244
From page 245...
... Personal identifier Institute of Medicine Independent practice association Institutional review board Internal Revenue Service Medical Treatment Effectiveness Program (of AHCPR) ID IOM IPA IRB IRS MEDTEP NAHDO National Association of Health Data Organizations NAIC National Association of Insurance Commissioners NCHS National Center for Health Statistics NRC National Research Council OTA Office of Technology Assessment PHCCCC Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council PIC Personal identification code PIN Personal identification number PORT Patient Outcomes Research Team (in MEDTEP program)
From page 246...
... Department of Health, Education, and Welfare USDHHS U.S. Department of Health and Human Services VHCA Vermont Health Care Authority WEDI Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange

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