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... 39 SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS After reviewing the literature and experiences of those using biodiesel, it is apparent that biodiesel is a viable complement to petroleum diesel for use in buses. Biodiesel offers too many benefits for transit agencies to ignore.
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... to biodiesel use. Agencies therefore must consider the benefits of using biodiesel against potential warranty risks.
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... 41 components or on paint and decals during daily fueling to avoid potential damage. • Cleansing Effect Biodiesel is a natural solvent that will dissolve and dislodge accumulated sediments formed over time in both vehicle and facility fuel delivery systems.
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... The following recommendations are based on the synthesis findings and are offered as a checklist of sorts to assist agencies with their implementation and use of biodiesel. • Locate a suitable biodiesel supplier to determine availability and cost.
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... 43 – Depending on test results: ♦ Institute a campaign to replace vehicle fuel system components with compatible materials. For low levels of biodiesel concentrations (e.g., B2, B5, or B10)

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