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... OVERVIEW This chapter provides a general overview of renewable energy products collectively known as biomass and the fuels made from it, with a focus on biodiesel. BIOMASS Biomass is broadly defined as any organic material made from plants or animals.
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... 5critical role in the production of biodiesel. Also known as wood alcohol or methyl alcohol, methanol is primarily made from natural gas.
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... biodiesel production and use, in comparison with petroleum diesel, produces 78.5% less carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions because crops such as soybeans used to make biodiesel actually consume CO2 during the growing process (9)
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... 7Cleansing Action Because B100 is a solvent it may dislodge sediments contained in diesel storage tanks, dispensing lines, and onboard vehicle fuel delivery systems. As a result of this cleansing characteristic, diesel fuel storage tanks may need to be cleaned in advance of introducing biodiesel and/or fuel filters checked more frequently to prevent them from plugging.

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