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Mobile Data Terminals (2007) / Chapter Skim
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Pages 6-8

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... The evolution of MDTs has been driven by private businesses depending on the efficient provision of goods and services and the global competitiveness of technology products serving transportation suppliers. Transit ITS is a beneficiary of these larger economic forces fostering what has been variously described as "e-commerce," "l-commerce," and "m-commerce." Even greater change is taking place in wireless communications in Europe, Asia, and the United States -- responding to the demands of business and consumers for faster and faster transmission speeds in the developed countries of the world.
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... 7MS Access 2003 was used to perform relational database functionality: design of database tables, creation of input forms, creation of Structured Query Language (SQL) queries, and creation of standard reports.
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... 8and Asia. Trade publications, on-line searches, and the four previously mentioned international conferences were used to identify suppliers and collect current contact information to populate the ITS supplier contact database.

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