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... 25 Stakeholder Comments on Workshop Discussions and Next Steps Francisco Averhoff, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Susan McDermott, U.S. Department of Transportation Kate Lang, Federal Aviation Administration Jim White, Federal Aviation Administration Scott Middlekauff, Department of Homeland Security Megan Walket-Tighe, U.S.
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... responses to the nature and severity of a pandemic event. This concept is important, as pandemic events will be different.
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... It was also interesting to hear the discussion related to essential supplies. Given the experience during Hurricane Katrina, I agree that it is important to ensure that needed supplies are available.
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... priate federal agencies to ensure ongoing communication. The interagency response will be based on previously established roles and responsibilities.
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... tional to provide additional information on the federal response, regulatory relief, and critical issues. We are committed to participating in the various planning activities.
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... dialogue and information sharing initiated at the workshop. • Share workshop information with others in an organization or agency: A number of participants noted that they would share the information from the workshop with other individuals in their agency or organization as well as other groups.

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