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... 14 Before discussing succession management and training programs directed at agency leaders, a sound recruitment program for quality individuals should be in place. Leadership development begins with the recruiting process, whereby quality individuals are brought into the organization and groomed to become future leaders.
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... 15 With the exception of the final answer, there is a strong indication of attempts in the interviewing process to identify future leaders. Clearly, most survey respondents use specific questions and other means to determine both a candidate's suitability for a position and future leadership potential.
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... 16 NCHRP Synthesis of Highway Practice 323, focused primarily on practices relating to agency professionals, including engineers, information technology professionals, and others. Although recruiting and retaining leaders was not the sole purpose of that review, it may be said that many of the professionals hired by these agencies will become leaders.
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... 17 newfound roles. This has been a positive change for state DOTs and will continue to benefit agencies where greater diversity is experienced.

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