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... 18 Leadership theories are numerous and diverse. One is that leaders are born and there is little an organization or management team can do to cultivate and train them.
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... 19 Who determines course content was also examined. It is not uncommon for senior leaders in state DOTs to be passionate about leadership and have a significant interest and influence on the course content of training programs.
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... 20 than that of the instructor. Current trends in training and education indicate that web-based instruction in all areas will continue to rapidly increase.
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... 21 scores. Average should not be acceptable when considering leadership training and development.
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... Agencies need more time and more money, both scarce commodities. They appear willing to improve leadership training programs and have a sense or conviction that an investment in this part of their employee's professional development will pay dividends in the long term.
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... 23 sector discussion in chapter seven. There is a consistency in the delivery methods offered, including presentation and instruction methods.

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