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... 48 APPENDIX D Leadership Development Programs NEW JERSEY DIVISION OFFICE, FHWA LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM The following outlines how the New Jersey Division Office of the FHWA advanced leadership development within its organization. Why We Initiated the Program As part of the division's corporate management strategies, we created a voluntary "Leadership Development Program." The purpose of the program is to assist the staff in developing their leadership skills and to provide opportunities at the local and national levels to exercise their leadership talents.
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... 49 office library to ensure uninterrupted training time for the leader. To improve the quality of our training program and to give it more focus, the ADA now meets with every staff member annually to discuss and ensure the Division training program is meeting employees' needs and is aligned with the agency objectives.
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... 50 to apply the skills and behaviors in his or her day-to-day personal and professional life. The curriculum also includes several electives to choose from, including Conflict Management, Effective Communication, Managing Multiple Priorities, Managing Change, and Professionalism.
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... 51 in-house core courses focusing on developing and enhancing management, communication, and technical skills. Morgan State University Scholarship Program This 2-year program provides engineering technicians who have already completed their Associates Degree the opportunity, upon selection, to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.

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