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... 6.0 Example Chapters Two chapters were written as an initial basis for the HFG. One of these was the first, introductory chapter.
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... Both of these considerations were given weight in the process of selecting the sample chapter. However, the two goals were not entirely compatible.
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... Time, Maneuver Time, and Speed to Design Distances: General Guidelines," is the chapter that was developed. This represents an important human factors topic for traffic engineering and roadway design and is at a general enough level to serve as a useful stand-alone document.
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... opportunity to explain succinctly the purpose of the HFG and the reasons why it may be helpful to the practitioner. 6.3 Sample Guidance Chapter (Chapter 5: From Driver Reaction Time, Maneuver Time, and Speed to Design Distances: General Guidelines)
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... headings for Perception-Reaction Time (5.2) and Maneuver Time (5.3)

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