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... 2.0 Project Activities This document is the project final report for NCHRP Project 17-18(8) , Comprehensive Human Factors Guidelines for Road Systems.
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... • Coordination with the TRB Joint Subcommittee for Development of International Human Factors Guidelines for Road Systems • Identification of major treatments of human factors for highway design and traffic engineering, including books, chapters, and training courses • Analysis of the manner in which practitioners are likely to use the HFG, including the conduct of a User Needs Workshop • Examination of options for CD-ROM and multi-media capabilities Task 2. Submit Report, Outline, and Recommendations – The results of Task 1 were integrated and summarized in report form.
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... Task 6. Submit Annotated Outlines – The annotated outlines were submitted for review by the NCHRP panel and the Joint Subcommittee.

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