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... 4PROPERTIES OF NATURAL GAS FUEL Table 1 lists the key properties of natural gas. Clearly, many of these properties, particularly those related to the physical state of natural gas, differ considerably from those of diesel fuel.
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... 5fed by a natural gas leak is extinguished, but the gas is still escaping, the gas can re-ignite and, because unburned gas has accumulated, lead to an even larger rate of heat release. Storage Conditions Compressed Natural Gas CNG is stored under high pressure, generally at 25 MPa (3,600 psig)
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... ple, with respect to fueling infrastructure availability, if a transit fleet is fueled by natural gas, then without the availability of natural gas in compressed or liquefied form, there can be no transit operations. Inasmuch as there may not be nontransit sources of CNG or LNG available (or at least no other source that can dispense fuel to transit buses)

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