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... 43 This description is drawn mainly from training information available from the Federal Emergency Management Administration on its website at IS/is195.asp. This training is directed toward introducing emergency responders to the Incident Command System (ICS)
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... 44 No single agency or department can handle an emergency situation of any scale alone. All parties must work together to manage the emergency.
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... 45 • The Information Officer handles all media inquiries and coordinates the release of information to the media with the Public Affairs Officer at the EOC. • The Safety Officer monitors safety conditions and develops measures for ensuring the safety of all assigned personnel.
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... 46 concepts and principles have been tested and proven over time -- in business and industry and by response agencies at all governmental levels. ICS training is required to ensure that all who may become involved in an incident are familiar with ICS principles.
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... 47 A manageable span of control is defined as the number of individuals one supervisor can manage effectively. In ICS, the span of control for any supervisor falls within a range of three to seven resources, with five being the optimum.
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... 48 functional, to manage an incident by establishing a common set of incident objectives and strategies. • Consolidated IAPs, which describe response goals, operational objectives, and support activities.

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