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... Research Results Digest 3 Subject Areas: IV Operations and Safety, VI Public Transit, and VIII Freight Transportation Responsible Senior Program Officer: Christopher W Jenks December 2004 COMMERCIAL TRUCK AND BUS SAFETY SYNTHESIS PROGRAM Sponsored by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration COMMERCIAL TRUCK AND BUS SAFETY SYNTHESIS PROGRAM: A STATUS REPORT This is a staff digest of the progress and status of the Commercial Truck and Bus Safety Synthesis Program, which is administered by the Transportation Research Board.
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... INTRODUCTION Administrators, commercial truck and bus carriers, government regulators, and researchers continually face problems on which much information already exists, either in documented form or in terms of undocumented experience and practice. Unfortunately, this information is frequently fragmented, scattered, and underevaluated.
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... those who have recommended topics is sincerely appreciated, and they are urged to continue to suggest topics. Conduct of the Studies Throughout the year, following the program oversight panel's selection of topics, studies are initiated in the order of priority assigned by the panel.
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... 4Table 2 SYNTHESIS STUDIES -- In Progress as of December 2004 No. Title MC-08 Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Safety Belt Usage MC-09 Alternative Commercial Truck and Bus Inspection Strategies MC-10 Technology Utilization in Commercial Truck and Bus Safety Strategies MC-11 Literature Review on Health and Fatigue Issues Associated with Hours of Work Table 3 PUBLISHED CTBSSP SYNTHESES No.
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... Transportation Research Board 500 Fifth Street, NW Washington, DC 20001 These digests are issued in order to increase awareness of research results emanating from projects in the Cooperative Research Programs (CRP)

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