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... CONTENTS 1 SUMMARY 5 CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Background and Objectives, 5 Purpose and Scope, 5 Organization of Research and Methodology, 5 Organization of the Report, 6 7 CHAPTER TWO REVIEW OF LITERATURE Nature of the Operator Job, 7 Federal Regulations, 8 Risk Factors and Their Impacts, 8 Health Promotion Programs: Benefit for Employee or Employer? , 12 Transit Industry Health and Wellness Programs, 13 Employee Empowerment, 17 19 CHAPTER THREE SYNTHESIS SURVEY RESULTS Summary of Agencies Surveyed, 19 Description of Survey Results, 19 29 CHAPTER FOUR CASE STUDIES Pierce Transit, 29 MetroLINK, 33 Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority, 35 Orange County Transportation Authority, 37 Utah Transit Authority, 40 Regional Transportation District, 42 47 CHAPTER FIVE CONCLUSIONS 49 REFERENCES 51 BIBLIOGRAPHY 52 GLOSSARY 53 APPENDIX A SURVEY QUESTIONNAIRE 61 APPENDIX B ROSTER OF RESPONDING AGENCIES 62 APPENDIX C DOCUMENTS SUBMITTED BY CASE STUDY AGENCIES

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