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... 5 CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Health and wellness issues that affect transit operators that are not addressed or acted on may negatively affect transit agency safety, service, absenteeism, employee turnover, and workers' compensation and medical costs. Conditions of concern include stress, hypertension, heart disease, mental health issues, stroke, back- and neck-related injuries, obesity, diabetes, tobacco use, and alcohol and other drug-related problems.
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... 6 nature of the job of operator affects health and well-being, health risk factors common among transit operators, regulatory mandates related to operator qualifications, specific health conditions common to operators that may prevent them from continuing their employment, health and wellness interventions in similar work situations, and health and wellness program successes in the transit industry. An on-line search of transit industry, university, and government databases, and other sources, provided valuable resources for analyzing synthesis survey data.

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