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... 136 APPENDIX D Media Story Coding Scheme This appendix presents the coding scheme used to analyze each media story. TYPES OF MEDIA SOURCES COVERING MBUFS Publication type: Who is the intended readership of the article?
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... 137 General public • Definition: Article quotes or summarizes an opinion expressed by a member of the public (someone who is neither a professional nor an elected official) Public opinion described • Definition: Statement describing or characterizing public opinion about mileage fees • Note: Includes statements where the context refers to… – Public support or acceptance for an MBUF or likely public support or acceptance for an MBUF – Public opposition to or disapproval of an MBUF or likely public opposition to or disapproval of an MBUF – The public disliking/hating the idea of MBUFs – MBUF is not/will not be popular with the public – MBUF is/will be popular with the public CONCERNS Privacy • Definition: Statement explicitly mentioning "privacy" or issues of privacy are implied through mentioning the "tracking" or "monitoring" of drivers Fairness • Definition: Statement in which "fairness" or "equity" is explicitly mentioned • Note: Includes statements if the context of the user refers to… – Everyone paying their fair share (e.g., hybrid vehicles)
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... 138 BENEFITS OF MBUFs Sustainable revenue • Definition: Any statement that mileage fees will produce sustainable revenue streams over time • Notes: – Could say mileage fees are or are not sustainable, but will likely be the former – Statement may often compare the mileage fee to fuel taxes Innovative • Definition: Statement explicitly mentioning "innovative" or a synonym in reference to the MBUF • Notes: If the context refers to… – New, novel solution/approach to provide funding for transportation infrastructure – "Forward-thinking," "way of the future," "cutting edge," "inventive," "original," "experimental," or any other synonym Other • Definition: Any quotes that seem important but do not fall into one of the other coding themes OTHER ISSUES Fuel efficiency • Definition: Statement that discusses fuel efficiency regarding mileage-based user fees Gas tax replacement • Definition: Statement that the mileage fee could be or will be a replacement for the gas tax/fuel tax • Notes: This may often be framed in a positive light, with the mileage fee as a "solution" to the problem of shrinking gas tax revenues Alternative vehicles • Definition: Any statement that mentions alternative-fuel vehicles in connection with a mileage fee Research conducted • Definition: Statement describing a completed research study (e.g., description of survey results) • Note: Pilot studies are a form of research Research underway • Definition: Statement that some commission/organization/researcher is studying mileage fees (state commission, federal commission, RAND, etc.)
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... 139 Congestion pricing • Definition: Any statement that combines the ideas of mileage fees and congestion pricing • Note: Could be a statement explaining how mileage fees could be set up with congestion pricing as part of the system OR a statement that seems to confuse the issues of mileage fees and congestion pricing Research needed • Definition: Statement that (more) research about mileage fees is needed or would be useful Trucking • Definition: Anything linking mileage fees and trucking • Note: Could be a statement by a trucker or trucking industry representative OR a statement about how mileage fees will impact the trucking industry Need for public support/acceptance • Definition: Statement that public support will be needed to adopt a mileage fee
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... NEED SPINE WIDTH TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH BOARD 2015 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE* OFFICERS Chair: Daniel Sperling, Professor of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science and Policy; Director, Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis Vice Chair: James M
From page 143...
... 92+ pages; Perfect Bind with SPINE COPY = 14 pts Public Perception of Mileage-Based User Fees NATIONAL COOPERATIVE HIGHWAY RESEARCH PROGRAM NCHRP SYNTHESIS 487 NEED SPINE WIDTH Job No. XXXX Pantone 202 C TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH BOARD 500 F ifth S treet, N .W .

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