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... 42 CHAPTER SIX CONCLUSIONS: KEY FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDATIONS FOR FUTURE RESEARCH Declining real-value fuel tax revenues has led to interest in the viability of mileage-based user fees (MBUFs) as a replacement for fuel tax revenues.
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... 43 with the MBUF concept. First, the meta-analysis of survey data shows that mean support for replacing the gas tax with an MBUF has increased slightly over time.
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... 44 subsets of respondents defined by income, race, or ethnicity, and the survey projects that do report findings for these groups often have sample sizes too small to permit generalizing the results to the larger group of interest. Therefore, it would be valuable to conduct additional qualitative and then survey research to understand the perceptions of low-income and minority residents.
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... 45 on public opinion of MBUFs. Ideally, this resource would include survey questionnaires, raw and cleaned data files, and summary reports describing the findings from each study.

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