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... 26 CHAPTER SIX MOBILE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY USE IN DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION, AND ASSET MANAGEMENT INTRODUCTION One of the objectives of this synthesis was to review the practices of progressive adopters and capture their programmatic applications of mobile IT in design, construction, and asset management. The survey and interview process suggested that applications used programmatically were less than progressive, while it was the ad hoc uses that appeared to be the most advanced.
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... 27 geospatially referenced photographs; some devices have the capability to provide this service, but additional application development and compatibility are required to incorporate the information into individual STA systems. This practice is readily available for use with many devices but was specifically mentioned by only a few STAs, such as Michigan DOT (13)
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... 28 especially in time savings. States such as Idaho, Kentucky, Ohio, and Vermont specifically mentioned the AASHTO software to view project plans.

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