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... I-1 SECTION I Summary Introduction The AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan identified 22 goals to be pursued to achieve a significant reduction in highway crash fatalities. One of the hallmarks of the plan is to approach safety problems in a comprehensive manner.
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... crashes involving heavy trucks, defined as having a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 10,001 pounds or more (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration [FMCSA]
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... SECTION I -- SUMMARY multivehicle crashes and 12 percent of all passenger vehicle occupant deaths (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 2001)
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... EXHIBIT I-3 Emphasis Area Objectives and Strategies Objectives Strategies 12.1 A Reduce fatiguerelated crashes 12.1 B Strengthen CDL program 12.1 C Increase knowledge re: sharing the road 12.1 D Improve maintenance of heavy trucks Explanation of Objectives In general, safety can be enhanced by improvements to drivers, vehicles, or the roadway environment. In the case of truck safety, improved fleet safety management by motor carriers is an additional desirable focus.
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... SECTION I -- SUMMARY represent a listing of all possible strategies to reduce heavy-truck crashes. Many other activities occurring in the states are aimed at improving truck safety.

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