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From page 37...
... 9-37 ridership resulting from the fare and service changes and external factors, and elasticities calculated for the full 1985-1987 two year period (except for TCT II as noted)
From page 38...
... 9-38 Charles River Associates Inc., "Building Transit Ridership: An Exploration of Transit's Market Share and the Public Policies That Influence It." TCRP Report 27, Transportation Research Board, Washington, DC (1997)
From page 39...
... 9-39 Kurth, D., Chang, C., and Costinett, P., "Enhancements to Circulator-Distributor Models for Chicago Central Area Based on Recently Collected Survey Data." Transportation Research Record 1443 (1994)
From page 40...
... Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade and Douglas, Inc., "Travel Demand Model Development Methodology Report." Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corporation (METRA)
From page 41...
... 9-41 Stanley, R., "Continuing Examination of Successful Transit Ridership Initiatives." TCRP Research Results Digest 29. Transportation Research Board, Washington, DC (August 1998)

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