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... 9-1 9 – Transit Scheduling and Frequency OVERVIEW AND SUMMARY Information on traveler response and related impacts is presented in this "Transit Scheduling and Frequency" chapter for scheduling changes made to conventional bus and rail transit, including changes in the frequency of service, hours of service, structuring of schedules and schedule reliability. Frequency changes made together with fare changes are included.
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... 9-2 with Disabilities Act) services are covered in Chapter 6, even matters of "scheduling" (dispatching)
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... 9-3 an option are correspondingly increased or constrained, and the likelihood of being stranded without service is likewise affected. Frequency Changes with Fare Changes.
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... 9-4 The "unlinked trip" system of reporting transit usage, which counts each boarding whether at the start of a trip or at a transfer point, does not cause problems for interpretation of most scheduling and frequency changes. It does, however, severely complicate evaluation of those timed transfer strategies which involve introduction of routes which terminate at the timed transfer "pulse point," as compared to use of through routing at the "pulse point." Any action which forces transfers increases the unlinked trip count without necessarily increasing the number of transit passengers.

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