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... CONTENTS 1 SUMMARY 3 CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Project Background and Objectives, 3 Technical Approach, 3 Organization of This Report, 4 5 CHAPTER TWO LITERATURE REVIEW Introduction, 5 Older Studies, 5 2000 and Beyond, 6 Social Exclusion Studies, 7 Libraries, 8 Summary, 9 10 CHAPTER THREE SURVEY RESULTS: TRANSIT AGENCY INTERACTIONS WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE HOMELESS Introduction, 10 Is This an Issue for Transit Agencies? , 10 Agency Policies and Procedures, 11 Actions Taken, 11 Responsibilities and Resources, 12 Partnerships and Community Education, 13 "Coffee with a Cop," 15 Challenges in Agency Interactions, 15 Challenges in Customer Reactions, 16 Summary, 17 20 CHAPTER FOUR SURVEY RESULTS: ASSESSMENT OF TRANSIT AGENCY INTERACTIONS WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE HOMELESS Introduction, 20 Agency Assessment of Efforts to Interact with People Who Are Homeless, 20 Lessons Learned, 23 Summary, 24 26 CHAPTER FIVE CASE EXAMPLES Introduction, 26 Fort Worth Transportation Authority (The T, Fort Worth, Texas)
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... Lessons Learned: Survey Respondents, 37 Lessons Learned: Case Examples, 37 Conclusions and Areas for Future Study, 38 40 ACRONYMS 41 REFERENCES 43 APPENDIX A PARTICIPATING TRANSIT AGENCIES 46 APPENDIX B SURVEY QUESTIONNAIRE 60 APPENDIX C SUMMARY OF SURVEY RESULTS Note: Many of the photographs, figures, and tables in this report have been converted from color to grayscale for printing. The electronic version of the report (posted on the web at
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... SUMMARY TRANSIT AGENCY PRACTICES IN INTERACTING WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE HOMELESS People who are homeless often use public transit vehicles or facilities as shelters to stay out of the weather and to be safe. For various reasons, many transit passengers do not feel comfortable around people who are homeless.
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... 2 A web-based survey on agency interactions with people who are homeless resulted in 55 completed surveys from the 65 agencies in the sample, a response rate of 85%. Six detailed case examples based on interviews with key personnel at selected agencies describe innovative and successful practices.
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... 3 people who are homeless. Fifty-five completed surveys were received from the 65 agencies in the sample, a response rate of 85% (55/65)
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... 4 three (the first of two chapters that present the results of the survey) examines the extent to which people who are homeless are a challenge for transit agencies, as well as agency policies and procedures, actions implemented and their effects, responsibilities and resources, partnerships, community education, and specific challenges.

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