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... 20 CHAPTER FOUR SURVEY RESULTS: ASSESSMENT OF TRANSIT AGENCY INTERACTIONS WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE HOMELESS INTRODUCTION This is the second of two chapters that present the results of a survey of transit agencies' interactions with people who are homeless. The previous chapter addressed survey results related to the extent to which people who are homeless are an issue, agency policies and procedures, actions taken, responsibilities and resources, partnerships and community education, and challenges.
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... 21 TABLE 31 DRAWBACKS OF EFFORTS TO INTERACT WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE HOMELESS Drawback No. Agencies Responding % Agencies Responding Funding/insufficient resources 9 27 Homeless person's appearance/personal hygiene/unwillingness to accept help 8 24 Temporary fix; does not address underlying issues 6 18 None 5 15 Impact on customers/discourages ridership 3 9 Time involved 3 9 Perception that transit agency is the problem or encourages homeless to ride 2 6 Lack of support or inconsistent efforts by local governments 2 6 Safety/security issues 2 6 Total Agencies Responding 33 100 Source: Survey results.
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... 22 • Our collaboration with the university students/social workers for outreach, the county-issued pass to participants in case-managed services, and our Good Karma Bike partnership have all been great. Through our collaborations, we have been able to help needy customers connect with services/support.
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... 23 LESSONS LEARNED Lessons learned that would benefit other agencies are shown in Table 35. Consistent enforcement and partnerships with agencies that work with people who are homeless are very helpful.
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... 24 • It takes patience and endurance. You have to keep doing the right thing.
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... 25 conflict resolution and in treating all customers, including the homeless, with respect is important, along with hiring the right staff and establishing a dialogue across departments within the agency. • Lessons learned emphasized consistent enforcement and partnerships with agencies that work with people who are homeless.

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