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... 35 CHAPTER SIX CONCLUSIONS INTRODUCTION The purpose of this synthesis is to report on major issues and successful approaches regarding transit agency practices in interacting with people who are homeless. The literature review, survey of transit agencies, and case examples provide a snapshot of current interactions and offer a general overview of how interactions with people who are homeless have evolved.
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... 36 cies move toward partnerships with social service and nonprofit agencies. Survey responses reflect agencies at all points along this continuum.
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... 37 address these challenges are enforcement/police presence, coordination with police or social service agencies, and training of frontline agency personnel. AGENCY ASSESSMENTS • Assessments of the success of actions taken are neutral to positive.
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... 38 agencies that work directly with people who are homeless. Join committees that deal with homelessness.
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... 39 agencies have added community resource specialists to their staff. What are the benefits of this approach?
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... 40 ACRONYMS ALA American Library Association BART Bay Area Rapid Transit CDF crisis diversion facility CIT crisis intervention team DOT Department of Transportation HOT homeless outreach team MDFT multidisciplinary forensic team MTA Metropolitan Transportation Authority NTD National Transit Database OCTA Orange County Transportation Authority SEPTA Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority SFPL San Francisco Public Library STM Société de transport de Montréal STOP Surface-transportation Top Offender Program TRID Transportation Research Information Database UTA Utah Transit Authority WHO World Health Organization WMATA Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

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