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... 57 This appendix contains sample templates for compiling an inventory of DOT organizational functions that have data management responsibilities. Data management responsibilities may include data scoping, data collection or compilation, data validation, data quality improvement, data documentation, data loading, data integration, data analysis, data provisioning, data access management, and/or data user support.
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... 58 Data to Support Transportation Agency Business Needs: A Self-Assessment Guide Table B.1. DOT data program/data management area inventory list.
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... DOT Data Program Inventory 59 Table B.1. (Continued)
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... 60 Data to Support Transportation Agency Business Needs: A Self-Assessment Guide Table B.1. (Continued)
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... DOT Data Program Inventory 61 Data Program/Management Area: Road Inventory Primary Contact: Jane Doe,, 987-654-3210 Data Steward(s) : Same as Primary Contact Data Types Included: Func­onal Classifica­on, NHS, Road Geometrics, Jurisdic­onal Responsibili­es Data Management Funcons Performed: ü Data Requirements q Data Architecture ü Data Collec­on/Acquisi­on ü Quality Assurance/Valida­on ü Data Transforma­on/Aggrega­on/Integra­on q Data Analysis ü Data Distribu­on ü Data Storage and Backup ü User Access Privileges ü Data User Support q Other__________________________________ Federal Requirements Addressed by Program: HPMS, Cer­fied Mileage Repor­ng State Requirements Addressed by Program: NA Internal Agency Users and Funcons Served: Planning – HPMS Report, Long Range Planning, Corridor Planning; Pavement Management, Bridge Management, Maintenance Management, Traffic Monitoring, Project Development External Users: FHWA, MPOs, Local Jurisdic­ons Data Sources (by data type if mulple)

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