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... 7 Overview The assessment process has three phases as shown in Figure 1: • Prepare -- mobilization and scoping for the assessment process • Assess -- conduct of the assessment using the available tools • Improve and Monitor -- development of an action plan based on the assessment findings, and monitoring the implementation of this plan Each of these phases is important: • The Prepare phase ensures that the entire assessment process will be productive and manageable, scoped appropriately, and with involvement of the right people. • The Assess phase is when various groups in the agency meet to conduct the assessments and agree on ratings and potential actions.
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... 8 Data to Support Transportation Agency Business Needs: A Self-Assessment Guide • The process can be as valuable as the results -- The relationship building, discussions, and increased understanding that occur among data users, data providers, and information technology (IT) personnel can often be as valuable as the assessment results.
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... The Assessment Process 9 To provide meaningful results, separate data value assessments should be applied for specific agency business functions (e.g., planning, maintenance, project scoping, or traffic operations)

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