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Appendix A: Committee and Staff Biographies
Pages 201-206

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... as part of the effort to develop understanding how tidal wetlands play invaluable standardized methods and related goals and roles in supporting marine ecosystems and coastal success criteria for restoration efforts with a focus populations. He is interested in the functions of on ecosystem services, and has been involved on tidal habitats, how plants respond to stresses the steering committee with nearly all of the ICSR (flooding, salinity, pollution, disease, invasive (International Conference on Shellfish species, and human alterations)
From page 202...
... He has been the principal data recovery teams for the Hawaiian monk seal and manager for some of the largest field experiments southern sea otter, and is a member of the conducted in the Gulf of Mexico including committee of scientific advisors to the Marine LATEX, NEGOM, and the MCH Hypoxia surveys. Mammal Commission.
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... His current research is focused making. Heather's current scientific inquiries on modeling population dynamics of fish and focus on understanding hidden connections aquatic food webs, and how they respond to a between nature and people, with specific focus variety of types of stressors including changes in on how classroom views affect learning, how water flows and quality, lethal and sub-lethal individuals can have the greatest impact on water effects of contaminants, hypoxia, alteration of consumption, and how natural resource physical habitat, and climate change.
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... He now coordinates the Grand by the Northwest Straits Commission, and in Bay NERR's System-wide Monitoring Program, a 2014 he was appointed to the Commission. national standardized water quality and Because of the growing international reputation of meteorological monitoring effort, and is involved Ron and his group, he was invited to present a in collaborative research projects focused on the keynote address on Coastal Ecosystem Restoration ecology of estuarine fishes, effects of prescribed in South Korea in June 2009.
From page 205...
... Since joining the National Research Council in Before joining the Academies, Heather aided 2002, she has worked on a wide range of water- marine conservation and resource use planning related studies, on topics such as desalination, efforts with the Pacific Marine Analysis and wastewater reuse, contaminant source remedia- Research Association (PacMARA)

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