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Appendix D: Glossary
Pages 133-134

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From page 133...
... Adverse Outcome Pathways – A structured representation Direct Effects – When considering the influences and interof biological events leading to adverse effects that is often actions among species, and between species and their abiotic considered in risk assessments. environment, direct effects are the proximate impacts that one species or factor has on another species or factor without Aggregate Exposure – The combined exposure to one the effect occurring via an intervening species or factor.
From page 134...
... Short-term internal stresses that evoke physiological Ecological Driver – A biotic or abiotic feature of the envi- responses occurring daily to maintain an organism near ronment that affects multiple components of an ecosystem its homeostatic set points are not considered stressors, but directly and/or indirectly by changing exposure to a suite natural aspects of an individual's life cycle (e.g., lactation, of extrinsic stressors. Ecological drivers may operate on migration, molting, and fasting)

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