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... 26 buses, VIA realized it had to update its training program to keep pace. Training is now provided to technicians in two ways.
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... 27 VIA claims that its training approach has resulted in a cultural shift among technicians. Because VIA once relied on traditional General Motors Corporation RTS buses for many years, many senior technicians were not sure about working on new low-floor designs with multiplexed electrical systems and advanced onboard electronics.
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... 28 Maintenance department overview PRTC/First Transit employs 19 technicians and three supervisors. Technicians are represented by the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)
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... 29 Doing so gives PRTC the confidence that the bus equipment they own is being maintained in a way that will provide safe and efficient operation. Likewise, First Transit also sees the value in ASE by using the study guides and other ASE materials in its training and encouraging employees to become certified.
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... 30 eight transit areas reveals just how much FDOT and CUTR value ASE as a measure of technician competence. on-the-Job training OJT follows classroom training and is used to complete each of the 15 training modules.

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