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... 1 Introduction Today's "cyber" transportation systems consist of a convergence of operating control systems and information technology networks that are blended together to enable the delivery of mission critical services to the travelling public, shippers, and other users. This convergence has created a unique set of expanding opportunities for the transportation industry to deliver top quality services; but simultaneously a new downside risk vector has evolved that threatens the functionality of transportation systems and the people who have come to rely upon them.
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... 2 Average Cost of Cyber Incidents in U.S. Average cost of cybercrime: $12.7 million.
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... 3 defines cybersecurity more broadly as "electronic security" whose compromise could result in any or all of the following situations: • Endangerment of public or employee safety • Loss of public confidence • Violation of regulatory requirements • Loss of proprietary or confidential information • Economic loss • Impact on national security As previously mentioned unintentional incidents should be of equal concern to transportation leaders. From the standpoint of consequence or end result it usually matters not whether a harm was deliberately caused.

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