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Appendix B June 24-25, 2015, Workshop Agenda
Pages 19-22

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From page 19...
... Unclassified and classified summaries of the workshops will be prepared by a designated rapporteur. Premise: The current satellite systems and their available data streams do not provide adequate observations of aerosols, clouds, and precipitation to constrain our modeling of the relative impact of aerosols and their precursors on the climate and hydrologic systems on a global or regional scale.
From page 20...
... [Hi res MODIS, MASTER, ASTER, EO-1] Chair: Jeffrey Reid, Naval Research Laboratory Speaker: Michael King, University of Colorado 9:20 AM Brief perspective from Chair and general discussion 9:45 AM What are future opportunities and challenges related to better utilizing multi-angle views and obtaining better time coverage for EO/IR instruments?
From page 21...
... Chair: Steven Ghan, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Speaker: Rich Ferrare, NASA Langley 2:20 PM Brief perspective from Chair and general discussion 2:45 PM Break 3:00 PM Panel discussion focusing on derived products/separating constituents Chair: Steve Ghan  Aerosol Composition: Ralph Kahn, NASA GISS  Cloud Properties: Zhien Wang, University of Wyoming  Cloud-Aerosol Relationships/Interactions: Joyce Penner, University of Michigan 4:00 PM General Discussion 4:30 PM Breakout group discussions: Optimizing the current satellite systems, defining the future systems Pamela Emch  What are characteristics of an optimal, but realistic satellite observing system that would make a breakthrough in understanding cloud/aerosol relationships?  What key needs, gaps, and barriers should the committee should consider going into the September classified meeting?
From page 22...
...  Everette Joseph / State University of New York  Ralph Kahn / NASA  Michael King / University of Colorado Boulder  Ian Kraucunas / PNNL  Sonia Kreidenweis / Colorado State University  Jay Mace / University of Utah  Jerry Miller / National Academy of Sciences  Daniel Murphy / NOAA  David Noone / Oregon State University  Joyce Penner / University of Michigan  Michael Prather / University of California, Irvine  Phil Rasch / PNNL  Jeffrey Reid / Naval Research Laboratory  Lorraine Remer / University of Maryland, Baltimore County  Daniel Rosenfeld / The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel  Graeme Stephens / NASA JPL  Susan Van Den Heever / Colorado State University  Wenshan Wang / University of California, Irvine  Zhien Wang / University of Wyoming

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