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Appendix A: Workshop Agenda
Pages 55-57

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... , Stanford University A Brief Update on the Sustainability Roundtable 2015 Sessions on Sustainability Indicators 10:15 AM and Metrics David Dzombak (NAE) , Carnegie Mellon University, Roundtable Co-chair 10:30 AM BREAK 10:45 AM Panel I: Sustainability and Economic and Population Growth Moderator: Susan Trumbore (NAS)
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... , Cornell University Gerald Nelson, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Mark Howden, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Prabhu Pingali (NAS) , Cornell University 10:15 AM Q&A and Discussion 10:45 AM BREAK 11:00 AM Panel V: Ocean Sustainability Moderator: Roberta Marinelli, University of Southern California Robert Costanza, Australian National University Steven Lohrenz, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Margaret Leinen, University of California, San Diego 12:00 PM Q&A and Discussion
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... (NAE) , Carnegie Mellon University 4:30 PM Workshop Conclusion

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