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Appendix C: Workshop Agenda
Pages 30-32

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... Speakers will also be encouraged to offer to the QER Task Force insights on research needs and state and local policies, in addition to recommendations on federal policies (examples of federal policies include executive actions, legislation, R&D initiatives, and/or funding distributions that can be implemented in both the short and the long term)
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... Lunch 1:30 Rate Design -- Consider time-of-use and other rate designs as strategies to manage demand, account for grid maintenance costs, and address potential consumer privacy concerns. Ken Colburn, New Hampshire Electric Cooperative Board Ron Meier, La Plata Electric Association 2:30 Generation Alternatives for CO 2 Reduction -- Review technology alternatives including renewables with grid storage.
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... Joe Brannan, North Carolina Electric Membership Corporation 9:00 Q&A with Joe Brannan Topical Sessions: Modernizing the Rural & Islanded Electricity Systems through Emerging Technologies and Planning Paradigms 9:30 Modernization of Planning Paradigm -- Consider Hawaii as an example of alternative planning strategies using big data and emerging technologies to strive for a 100% renewable grid. Jim Connaughton, C3 Energy Chris Yunker, Hawaii State Energy Office Terry Surles, University of Hawaii Richard Rocheleau, short commentary, Hawaii Natural Energy Institute 11:00 Transportation Linkage to Electricity System -- Discuss influence of, and possible synergies between, electric vehicles and the grid.

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