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4 Building a Population Health Research Agenda: Views from the Field
Pages 25-28

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... Respondents were asked about their organization type, the role of the person responding, and the importance of research to the types of activities being done at their organizations. Respondents were then asked to identify the top three research priorities in each of three specific areas: 1 This section is based on the presentation by Phyllis Meadows, associate dean for practice, clinical professor of health management and policy, University of Michigan School of Public Health, senior fellow, The Kresge Foundation, and the statements have not been endorsed or verified by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.
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... . A large percentage of respondents said that research was TABLE 4-1  Importance of Published Research/Scientific Evidence to Organizational Activities % Very % Somewhat Types of Activities Important Important Vision and mission 46 44 Priority/agenda setting 67 32 Setting our own research agenda 67 22 Public education activities 62 29 External policy interests and goals 60 35 Communication and outreach 58 38 Strategic planning activities 56 41 Lobbying (if applicable)
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... o  The effects of housing • Racism, segregation, immigration • Early childhood/family o  Increase understanding of adverse childhood experiences and risks to adult health • Health risk behaviors o  What are the major drivers of the epidemic of opioid addiction in the United States? • Health care/health system reform • Public health systems/cross-sector collaborations Interventions and Policy Action • Effect of general and specific interventions o  How to shift wealth distribution to eliminate poverty o  How to reduce racism and other forms of social stigmatization o  The effect of the availability of affordable housing on public health • Interventions related to obesity, food, nutrition, physical activity o  How to establish incentive structures to attract markets to food deserts How to Improve Research Translation and Impact • Research dissemination to policy makers, clinicians, other practitioners o  What approaches to adoption and spread of evidence-based practices are most successful?
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... 28 ADVANCING THE SCIENCE TO IMPROVE POPULATION HEALTH Meadows said, more analysis needs to be done; however, the information resulting from this short survey provides a significant number of ideas for research needs and priorities across research areas that can inform the discussion of a population health research agenda.

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