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... 38 This research points to actions that public transit agencies and other public-sector entities can take to build on the mobility innovations of technology-enabled shared-use modes. It identifies opportunities for cooperation and suggests regulatory enhancements, institutional realignments, and forms of public-private engagement that would allow innovation to flourish while providing mobility as safely, broadly, and equitably as possible.
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... Conclusions: Suggested Opportunities 39 taking place in personal autos. Increases in linked trips, both within and across modes, could be a performance goal.
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... 40 Shared Mobility and the Transformation of Public Transit Maintain Accessibility and Equity as Priorities • Address inequities in access to information. Because information is the currency of the new mobility system, the capacity to readily use tools for information, schedules, booking, and payment must be ensured for those who face barriers related to cost, technology, technical knowledge, or disability.

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