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... A-1 A P P E N D I X A Public Agency and Private Operator Interviewees Table A-1. Public agency interviews.
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... A-2 Shared Mobility and the Transformation of Public Transit Table A-1 (Connued)
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... Public Agency and Private Operator Interviewees A-3 Market Agency Posion San Francisco, CA Bay Area Rapid Transit Customer Access & Accessibility Department Manager Access Coordinator Seale, WA King County Metro Supervisor, Transit Market Development Transportaon Planner Transportaon Planner Transportaon Planner Seale, WA City of Seale -- Department of Transportaon Senior Transportaon Planner Director of Acve Transportaon Execuve Director, Puget Sound Bike Share Mobility Programs Manager Seale, WA City of Seale -- Dept. of Finance & Administrave Services Director of Regulatory Compliance & Consumer Protecon Strategic Advisor, Regulatory Compliance & Consumer Protecon Seale, WA King County -- Records & Licensing Services Division Deputy Director Finance Administrator Seale, WA Puget Sound Regional Council Senior Planner Washington, DC Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Managing Director of Planning Director of Strategic Planning Manager, Access Planning & Policy Analysis Washington, DC District Department of Transportaon Associate Director, Policy, Planning and Sustainability U.S.
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... A-4 Shared Mobility and the Transformation of Public Transit Table A-2. Shared-use mobility operator interviews.

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