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Appendix F: Caregiving: The Odyssey of Becoming More Human
Pages 329-332

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From page 329...
... Appendix F Caregiving: The Odyssey of Becoming More Human 329
From page 330...
... Gently I turn her head towards me. I grin as she emotion with common sense, underwrite judgment, and raises her eyebrows in recognition, shakes her long brown make possible the ordinariness of reading, writing, telling hair and the soft warmth of her sudden happiness lights up stories, understanding jokes, recognising people, orienting her still strikingly beautiful face.
From page 331...
... I am writing principally about people like me who give care to loved ones who suffer the infirmities of advanced age, serious disabilities, terminal illnesses, and the devastating Getty Images consequences of such health catastrophes as stroke or dementia. Faced with these crises, family and close friends Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn, The Jewish Bride (1667)

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