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... 117 Table G-1 provides factor analysis results for 10 of the 12 metrics used in this Handbook. The two factor variables produced in this process were then used (along with the remaining 2 of 12 total metrics)
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... 118 Livable Transit Corridors: Methods, Metrics, and Strategies Rotated Component Matrixa Metric Factor 1 2 Transit employment accessibility 0.839 0.439 Corridor transit service coverage 0.795 0.486 Corridor housing unaffordability -0.137 -0.845 Corridor income diversity 0.680 Corridor jobs density 0.925 Corridor retail jobs density 0.897 -0.157 Corridor health care opportunities 0.705 0.522 Corridor density (population/acre) 0.754 0.463 Access to culture & arts 0.918 Ridership balance 0.332 0.101 Notes: N = 250 U.S.
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... Statistical Analysis of Metrics and Typology Categories 119 Variable (Metric) Sum of Squares Degrees of Freedom Mean Square FStatistic P-Value Transit Jobs Accessibility Between Groups 4.121E+10 2 2.061E+10 193.215 0.000 Within Groups 2.655E+10 249 106644971 Total 6.777E+10 251 Transit service coverage (aggregate frequency of transit service per square mile)

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