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Appendix E: Workshop Agenda
Pages 107-112

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From page 107...
... Relman, James M Hughes, Lonnie King 9:15–9:30: Welcoming remarks: Isabella Danel, Deputy Director, Pan American Health Organization SESSION I: The Ebola Epidemic in West Africa -- What Makes This Outbreak Different from Past Outbreaks?
From page 108...
... Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 1:30–2:00: Cross-border transmission dynamics of the Ebola filovirus in West Africa Stephen Gire, Broad Institute 2:00–2:30: The response to the Ebola outbreak: A view from the NIH Michael Kurilla, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
From page 109...
... APPENDIX E 109 2:30–3:00: DISCUSSION 3:00–3:30: BREAK 3:30–4:00: Laboratory diagnosis of the Ebola filovirus in low-resource settings Heinz Feldmann, Rocky Mountain Laboratory/ National Institutes of Health 4:00–4:30: Ebola filovirus drug and vaccine development Thomas Geisbert, University of Texas Medical Branch 4:30–5:00: Antibodies against Ebola: A global collaboration Erica Saphire, The Scripps Research Institute 5:00–5:45: DISCUSSION 5:45: ADJOURNMENT DAY TWO: WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25, 2015 Domestic and International Community Response to Global Infectious Disease Outbreaks 8:45–9:15: Registration and coffee 9:15–9:30: Welcome and summary of day one: David Relman SESSION III: The International Community's Response Moderator: Andrew Clements
From page 110...
... 10:30–10:45: BREAK 10:45–11:15: Sierra Leone's response: Challenges and barriers to get to "zero" Joseph Fair, Fondation Mérieux USA 11:15–11:45: Ebola in West Africa: From disease outbreak to humanitarian crisis Oyewale Tomori, Nigerian Academy of Science 11:45–12:30: DISCUSSION 12:30–1:15: LUNCH SESSION IV: Ethical and Logistical Challenges of Treatment Implementation: What Works; What Doesn't Work; What More Needs to Be Done? Moderator: Gary Roselle 1:15–1:45: Emergency medicine: Perspectives from West Africa Colin Bucks, Stanford University 1:45–2:15: Ebola preparedness in Germany: Competence focused in specialized laboratories and treatment centers Reinhard Burger, Robert Koch Institute
From page 111...
... Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 3:30–4:00: U.S. health care perspective and challenges Bruce Ribner, Emory University 4:00–4:30: How has our thinking evolved regarding containment care?

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