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7 Closing Remarks
Pages 79-80

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... The entitlement programs and aging network of the last century will provide a legacy upon which a new model will be built for this century, he said. Torres-Gil said that in his opinion, the workshop laid out a clear t ­ hematic goal of moving toward a rational and substantive national strategy for the 21st century based on clearly stated conceptual frameworks and driven by data.
From page 80...
... The impact that health care reform, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the spread of accountable care organizations, and the consolidation in the medical and hospital industries will have on workforce needs and integration is still unclear, said Torres-Gil. What is clear, he said, is the need for financial resources to rebuild the home and communitybased system for long-term care services as well as the need for a vision of what kind of workforce the nation needs and how to train and develop that workforce.

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