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1 Introduction
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... The workshop was hosted by the National Academies' Forum on 1  Theplanning committee's role was limited to planning the workshop, and the Proceedings of a Workshop was prepared by the workshop rapporteurs as a factual summary of what ­ ccurred at the workshop. Statements, recommendations, and opinions expressed are o those of individual presenters and participants, and have not been endorsed or verified by the ­ ational Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, and they should not be N construed as reflecting any group consensus.
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... , an ongoing, neutral ­ convening activity with stakeholder members from the federal government, industry, academia, and nonprofit organizations. The forum meets to discuss how to support independence and community living3 for p ­ eople with disabilities and older adults.
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... 4. Highlight data and research needs to support policy changes that could strengthen the workforce and community infrastructure.
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... Each panel consisted of three or four presentations followed by a short questionand-answer session and a 15-minute facilitated discussion among small groups of workshop participants that aimed to address one of two questions related to the immediately preceding panel presentations. A ­ apporteur at r each table then presented the results of those discussions to the workshop audience at large.
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... In accordance with the policies of the National Academies, the workshop did not attempt to establish any conclusions or recommendations about needs and future directions, focusing instead on issues identified by the individual speakers and workshop participants. In addition, the organizing committee's role was limited to planning the workshop.

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