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... 8 Beyond ComplianCe and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS) rule in an effort to improve offshore operations.
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... Strengthening the Safety Culture of the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry 9 investigation of the Chernobyl power plant accident in 1986. Since then, the definition of safety culture and the identification of the factors that strengthen such a culture have evolved.
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... 10 Beyond ComplianCe • Leadership commitment to safety values and actions, • A respectful work environment, • An environment for raising concerns, • Effective safety and environmental communication, • Personal accountability, • An inquiring attitude, • Hazard identification and risk management, • Work processes, and • Continuous improvement. In developing its list of characteristics, BSEE relied heavily on the safety culture attributes defined by the nuclear power industry.
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... Strengthening the Safety Culture of the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry 11 nine Characteristics of a Strong Safety Culture leadership commitment to safety values and actions -- leaders demonstrate a commitment to safety and environmental stewardship in their decisions and behaviors. leaders visibly demonstrate this commitment through how they allocate resources within the organization and prioritize safety relative to production.

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