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Tracking Alternative Jet Fuel (2016) / Chapter Skim
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... 1 C h a p t e r 1 1.1 Introduction For decades, the aviation industry has relied on petroleum-derived jet fuel to power aircraft. Today, the aviation industry wants to reduce its reliance on petroleum-based fuel with alternative jet fuels made from renewable sources.
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... 2 tracking alternative Jet Fuel To prepare for the routine use of alternative jet fuel, airports and other stakeholders may need to make plans to track and account for the new fuels as they move from the production source through the supply chain to the airports where they will be received and loaded into aircraft. Beyond airports, airlines, general aviation, and fixed-base operators (FBOs)
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... Introduction and Motivation 3 3. Commercial, such as for ensuring that specified amounts of alternative jet fuel are being delivered as agreed in purchase contracts and for verification purposes related to corporate social responsibility (CSR)
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... 4 tracking alternative Jet Fuel these sustainability characteristics is carried forward along the supply chain to the fuel producer and the end user. • Fuel producers: Beyond ensuring the technical quality of their fuel, producers want to ensure that their customers and other stakeholders can claim the most benefits from using alternative fuels through accurate accounting of product movement and use.
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... Introduction and Motivation 5 • International parties: The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) , Airports Council International (ACI)

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