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... 58 AMG Automated Machine Guidance ATC Alternative Technical Concepts BIM Building Information Modeling BYOD Bring Your Own Device CAD Computer Aided Design Caltrans California Department of Transportation CCO Construction Change Order CDOT Colorado Department of Transportation CII Construction Industry Institute CIM Civil Integrated Management CIP CIM Implementation Plan CM/GC Construction Manager/General Contractor CORS Continually Operating Reference Stations CRL Crossrail CTDOT Connecticut Department of Transportation D-B Design-Build D-B-B Design-Bid-Build DDMI Document-, Data-, and Model-Based Information DOT Department of Transportation DTM Digital Terrain Model ECMS Electronic CAD Management System EDMS Electronic Document Management System EED Electronic Engineered Data FDOT Florida Department of Transportation FHWA Federal Highway Administration GIS Geographic Information Systems GPR Ground Penetration Radar GPS Global Positioning System IC Intelligent Compaction IFC Industry Foundation Classes IMP Investment Prioritization Matrix IMS Integrated Measurement System INDOT Indiana Department of Transportation ITS Intelligent Transportation System KYTC Kentucky Transportation Cabinet LiDAR Light Detection And Ranging LOD Level of Detail MassDOT Massachusetts Department of Transportation Acronyms
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... Acronyms 59 MDOT Michigan Department of Transportation MnDOT Minnesota Department of Transportation MoDOT Missouri Department of Transportation nD n-Dimensional NPV Net Present Value NYSDOT New York State Department of Transportation O&M Operations and Maintenance ODOT Oregon Department of Transportation PEDDS Professional Electronic Data Delivery System PS&E Plans, Specifications & Estimates QA/QC Quality Assurance/Quality Control QTO Quantity Take-Offs RFI Request for Information RFID Radio Frequency Identification ROI Return on Investment ROW Right of Way RTN Real Time Network RTS Robotic Total Stations TAM Transportation Asset Management TCP Traffic Control Plan TS Total Stations TxDOT Texas Department of Transportation UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UCM Utility Conflict Matrix UDOT Utah Department of Transportation VDC Virtual Design and Construction WisDOT Wisconsin Department of Transportation WSDOT Washington Department of Transportation XML Extensible Markup Language

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