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Appendix A: Committee Biographical Information
Pages 87-89

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From page 87...
... He has served on a number of committees of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, includ- IAIN BLACK is senior director, Operations Matrix Plating the Committee on Assessment of Solid-State Lighting, form, at Philips Lumileds. In this capacity he leads a team Phase One, the Committee on Overcoming Barriers to the including several sub-con operations in Asia and a dediDeployment of Plug-in Electric Vehicles, and the Committee cated L2 factory in Penang, with the objective of building on Light-Duty Vehicle Technologies to Improve Fuel Econ- "up integrated" LED solutions in the illumination market.
From page 88...
... and serves as chairperson for the IES Outdoor Environmental Lighting Committee, the MICHAEL ETTENBERG is currently working with New IES/IDA Model Lighting Ordinance Task Force, and the IES York University (NYU) as a presidential fellow to help Mesopic Committee.
From page 89...
... He is on the permanent federal government and the private sector. Some of her posi- committee for the Electronic Materials Conference and the tions include the following: chief, Buildings Conservation Compound Semiconductor Conference, and he helped initiPolicy Research, Federal Energy Administration; profes- ate and form the International Conference on Silicon Carbide sional manager, Research Applied to National Needs, NSF; and Related Materials.

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