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Appendix A Glossary
Pages 403-408

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From page 403...
... cannabinoid -- one of a class of chemical compounds that act on cannabinoid receptors, cannabinoids can be naturally derived from the cannabis plant or manufactured. cannabis -- a broad term that can be used to describe the various products and chemical compounds derived from the Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica species.
From page 404...
... and compares differences in exposures, behaviors, and other characteristics to identify and quantify associations, test hypotheses, and identify causes. cohort study -- an observational analytic study in which enrollment is based on one's status of exposure to a certain factor or membership in a certain group.
From page 405...
... evidence -- information on which a conclusion about a cause-effect relationship is based. The most direct evidence for health effects in humans is usually based on studies of health endpoints that are conducted in humans, including randomized trials and nonrandomized epidemiologic studies.
From page 406...
... narrative review -- narrative reviews tend to be mainly descriptive, do not involve a systematic search of the literature, and thereby often focus on a subset of studies in an area chosen based on availability or author selection. Generally, narrative reviews offer lower-quality evidence than systematic reviews.
From page 407...
... By comparison, systematic reviews and literature reviews analyze existing evidence. Examples of the types of primary literature used in the report are randomized controlled trials, cohort studies, cross-sectional studies, case-control studies, and case series.

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